Alternative media player Infuse sorts better and shows trailers

If you want to view videos in different formats on your Apple device, you need the right software. One of the most popular cross-platform tools – alongside open source solutions like VLC – is the Infuse app from the provider Firecore. Among other things, it allows access to network shares, knows numerous files that the TV app does not master and offers a clear organization of existing material. Version 7.5 is a major update for the iOS/iPadOS and tvOS versions.

For example, Infuse 7.5 comes with an integrated database of film and TV series trailers that are automatically added to existing content. Smart groups recognize when films belong together and put them in their own order, such as films from the “Star Wars” series. Infuse can automatically recognize tags integrated in file names for parts of films. Metadata for the language has been added to the search function and content can now be saved directly to the Files app (files).

There were also improvements when playing Dolby Vision films in profile 8, the same applies to yuv444p10le and HEVC-RExt videos. Index errors, among other things, for actors should no longer occur, and various bugs have also been fixed. Infuse 7.5 is not currently available for the Mac – at least only version 7.4 is currently being downloaded from the App Store, although Firecore lists version 7.5 as the latest version.

Infuse otherwise comes with its useful standard features. The app can play MKV, MP4, AVI, ISO, DVD and BDMV, among others, streams from numerous devices and media servers (Mac, PC, NAS, Plex, Emby and more) and can also use cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Use Box or Dropbox to access content. The app draws metadata and subtitles largely without the user having to do anything, although the user can change or correct them later. Synchronization is also possible via iCloud.

Infuse 7.5 can be used for free, but there are various premium features that require payment. In addition, either a monthly or annual subscription is offered, which costs 1 euro or 10 euros. A lifetime license for Infuse Pro currently costs 115 euros.

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