Apple vs. all: How well iPhones do against Android smartphones

How do iPhones actually compare to the Android competition? Where is Apple leading, where not, what is missing? Thanks to this classification, you can have a say.

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c't, background: Freepik, assembly: Mac & i

c't, background: Freepik, assembly: Mac & i

(Picture: c’t, background: Freepik, assembly: Mac & i)

The iPhones are considered expensive and they are: The current standard model iPhone 14 starts with a list price of 1000 euros. You pay 150 euros more for the Plus model, 300 euros more for the Pro model, and with that you only get a mediocre 128 gigabytes of memory. The larger Max version even breaks the 2000 euro mark with the largest memory of one terabyte.

How can Apple hold its own with its high-priced devices? Are the competition similarly priced or are the iPhones so much better? While the Mac & i usually takes a close look at Apple products, this time we’re going to look outside the box. We also looked around to see how the devices performed in various tests, including those from our sister magazine c’t, compared to Android smartphones from Samsung, Google and Co.

A few years ago that would have been unthinkable: 26 different versions of the iPhone are currently available from Apple – not even counting the different colors and refurbished products. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus represent the standard models in two different sizes, each with three memory variants. The Pro version is available in four memory sizes and also Max-imated.

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