Approaching the Dynamic Island: Apple is planning a small sensor move

In the iPhone 15, there may be a small change, but one that is fine for Apple: The proximity sensor, which has so far been located under the Dynamic Island in the iPhone 14 Pro, is to be integrated in the future in the area reports industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from Taiwan.

This has no negative impact on users. However, Apple could save money in production by doing so, experts suspect. The plan should also be seen in connection with Apple’s alleged plans to install the Dynamic Island in the iPhone 15 in all models and not just in the Pro series.

The purpose of the proximity sensor is to turn off the screen when the user puts their iPhone to their ear to make a call. This also avoids accidental mistyping on the screen when the ear is resting on it.

Kuo also reported from supplier circles that the new sensor comes from Finisar and has a wavelength of 940 nanometers. With the iPhone 14 Pro, this is 1380 nm.

The iPhone 15 is expected to be released in autumn as usual. Further rumors say that it could be charged via USB-C instead of Lightning for the first time. Solid-state buttons were also mentioned recently.

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