betterCode() API 2023: Next week there will be the Heise conference on web APIs

For spontaneous developers interested in the development of web APIs, the betterCode() API may be an important online conference offer starting on March 30th. A second date will follow on April 27th. This corresponds to the concept of the first edition two years ago. As in the past, both theme days can be booked as a package, but each of the two can also be booked individually. There is currently an early bird discount for the second day of the conference.

The 13 lectures of the betterCode() API 2023 provide an up-to-date and practical presentation of the currently most important topics for the development of HTTP APIs. Among other things, the following are treated:

  • evolutionary architectures and APIs
  • find the right APIs with Event Storming
  • extending existing APIs with GraphQL
  • constructive reviews of API designs
  • API operations pipelines
  • Async APIs
  • the security of APIs
  • a guide to moving from planned customer experience to API roadmap
  • successful APIs through good developer experience
  • the benefits of API guidelines
  • API sprawls

The program overview offers a more detailed overview. The two days of the conference will be accompanied by two full-day workshops. The first basic knowledge imparted prior to the conference took place on March 16th. The second workshop on May 3 will deal with the topic of security. There are still tickets available for this.

hosts of the betterCode() API heise developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag. The conference kicked off in spring 2021. It was followed by editions in autumn of the same year and in April 2022. The event came about against the background that nobody in web development and especially in microservices development can ignore APIs.

The following questions need to be answered: Which architectural paradigms, which procedures, which protocols do I use, and when is it better not to use them? How do I ensure quality, compatibility and security? Once the answers have been found, nothing stands in the way of successful API development. The betterCode() API wants to help here.



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