Briefly informed: Breached, Tiktok, DPReview, Bing Image Creator

The underground forum “Breached”, frequented mainly by cybercriminals and security experts, was closed by the remaining administrator. The operator of this large data stolen forum had previously been arrested by the FBI. The second administrator then suspected that the authorities could have access to the arrested person’s devices and thus also to the breached forum. Therefore, participation is no longer certain, so that the forum has now been taken offline. Last week, according to media reports, US federal officials arrested the suspected operator of the Breachforum, nicknamed “Pompompurin”. The underground forum, said to be owned and administrated by Pompompurin, hosts cloned databases of around 1,000 companies and websites, often containing sensitive data such as names, email addresses and passwords, which the cybercriminals offer for sale on the forum. 3727708

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Under increasing political pressure, the short video app TikTok is revising its community guidelines, which regulate how content is handled on the platform. The innovations include, among other things, more detailed specifications as to which contributions may appear in the “For You” feed, in which clips are selected individually for the users of the software. The new guidelines are scheduled to go into effect on April 21. For example, clips with misinformation about climate change are not allowed. Videos that contain characters or objects generated by software must be clearly labeled in the future. The imitation of private individuals with computer representations is expressly prohibited, as TikTok announced on Tuesday. 3727706

The camera website DPReview will be closed after 25 years. On the evening of March 21, 2023 German time, the website published a short message and a farewell video on YouTube. Accordingly, the website will no longer be updated after April 10, 2023. He expressly points out that the closure is part of’s annual operational plan. Amazon took over the medium, founded in 1998 as “Digital Photography Review” in Great Britain, in 2007. As Techchrunch writes, Amazon was never able to successfully integrate the platform into its corporate structure, DPReview is said to have acted largely independently.

Microsoft is expanding its range of artificial intelligence with its own variant of the image generator Dall-E. This comes from Open AI and generates images from text input, similar to Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Microsoft has access to an advanced version of Dall-E and is integrating this offer under the name Bing Image Creator preview both in the preview of its search engine and in the Internet browser Edge. Access will be gradually released for Microsoft accounts worldwide, but initially only works in English. The data company emphasizes that it has installed additional precautions to prevent certain images. Users entering such commands should be warned.


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