Business smartphone with Android: Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola in the test

The characteristic red i dot in the name on the back shows it: The ThinkPhone is part of the Lenovo Think family and, like the notebooks in the ThinkPad series, is not intended to be a playmate, but a reliable business partner and digital work colleague. With a recommended price of 999 euros, the ThinkPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones. The full Lenovo name “ThinkPhone by Motorola” indicates: The device belongs to Lenovo, but is manufactured by the subsidiary Motorola.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 drives the Android phone vigorously and will still be powerful enough in a few years. 8 GB of RAM is common for this class, but it should have been 12 GB, especially in terms of future security. The 256 GB flash memory cannot be expanded. The ThinkPhone has space for two SIM cards in its excellently finished aluminum and aramid fiber housing, but does not support an eSIM. This is a disadvantage for frequent travelers who often travel outside the EU and need flexible tariffs. The ThinkPhone is IP68 protected against the ingress of dust and water. The 6.6-inch OLED display shines brightly enough in all positions with 1110 cd/m² and shows beautiful colors and deep blacks.

The ThinkPhone can unfold its special business qualities when it is connected to other devices. These can be Windows PCs, but also monitors or televisions in combination with a keyboard and mouse, as well as Android tablets. Pairing isn’t limited to Lenovo devices, but Apple’s Mac and iPad aren’t included. The connection is made by cable or wireless. If you want to use this function called “Ready For” with a smartphone and Windows PC or Android tablet, you have to install the app of the same name on these devices. The connection via radio is quickly done by scanning a QR code, in the test it always worked in a few moments.

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