ChatGPT competitor Bard: Google is testing in the US and UK

Google announced on Tuesday that it would release its AI chatbot “Bard” to first users in the US and UK. In the test phase, Google wants to get more feedback for its ChatGPT competitor. If you have a Google Account and live in the US or UK, for example, you can join a waiting list at Google intends to offer Bard in other countries and languages ​​in the future. Bard is based on the Large Language Model (LLM) LaMDA and should be able to be updated with “newer, more powerful models” in the future.

In the announcement, Google also acknowledged that LLMs are not without flaws. For example, they would “reflect the prejudices and stereotypes of the real world” and could provide misleading information. Therefore, a broad feedback is helpful. Bard is currently only available in English, but Google is working on other languages. Bard can’t help with programming at the moment because the AI ​​is still learning.

Although Google hopes that Bard can also promote creativity and curiosity in addition to productivity, it describes the AI ​​project as an “experiment” and repeatedly points out the current shortcomings of the chatbot. For example, Bard “misunderstood a few things” about the scientific name of the plant lucky feather. He incorrectly gives the name of the plant as Zamioculcas zamioculcas – the correct one would be Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

Bard users can choose from a variety of designs

Bard users can choose from a variety of designs

Bard users can choose from a variety of designs

(Image: Google)

Bard also provides links to the sources and also suggests a Google search to verify answers.


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