City runabout or transport bike: which e-bike suits you best

E-bikes are practical: with the support of an electric motor, you can be on the bike quickly and in an environmentally friendly way, and you can also overcome longer or mountainous routes without any problems. However, there is a large selection of electrified bicycles on the market, which could quickly overwhelm beginners and those switching.

In our overview, we therefore present the various engine concepts. We clarify advantages and disadvantages, special forms and in which types they are installed. You will also receive tips on which e-bike variant is suitable for you, because when choosing the right vehicle, the built-in drive is less important than the intended use.

To avoid confusion, a word about the correct term: When we use the term e-bike, we mean exclusively the pedelec (pedal electric bicycle): It supports pedaling with a maximum of 250 watts of power up to a speed of 25 km/h. A traction help up to 6 km/h is permitted. It is by far the most widespread electrically assisted bicycle in Germany.

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