CloudLand 2023: Even more cloud native, even more festival

“Take an active role instead of just being there” is a central motto at the Cloud Native Festival CloudLand 2023. At its premiere last year, the festival successfully broke new ground from the community to the community in Phantasialand (Brühl) – now the organizational team is dealing with the German-speaking Cloud Native Community of the DOAG one step further: classic conference presentations only play a supporting role. Instead, from June 20th to 23rd, everything revolves around interactive togetherness – from the CloudCamp (an all-day barcamp) to start with numerous workshops, hands-ons and challenges to playful interludes such as the AWS GameDay. In the ambience of the amusement park, of course, physical well-being, entertainment and party fun are not neglected.

The line-up of the Cloud Native Festival has well over 200 “program” items for the four subject areas of container & cloud technologies, microservices & domain-driven design, DevOps & methodology and CI/CD & automation for every participant to offer participants. On the very first day at the CloudCamp, everyone is required to get actively involved. With no specifications on topics or formats, everything is possible at the unconference: asking questions, discussing, presenting your own projects, spontaneous brainstorming or workshops – and if you like, you can also give a presentation.

At the CloudCamp, not only CloudLand visitors come together, but also many of the co-creators of the festival, speakers, meet-ups, celebrities and companies represented on site are available at the Barcamp to answer questions. So far, DATEV, FLYERALARM, E:fs TechHub GmbH, the Federal Employment Agency and the BAMF as well as Frank Prechtel, QAware, Uhuru Tec and viadee have all confirmed.

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On the other days of the festival, hacking showcases, cloud workshops and capture-the-flag (CTF) challenges challenge participants to prove their cloud and security know-how – and to learn new things. Together with Renke Grunwald from Open Knowledge, interested parties can embark on the journey from “cloud muffle to cloud-native” and build an enterprise-grade cloud scenario step by step, from the platform infrastructure to the services to the business logic of the application. Anyone who wants to experience the potential of artificial intelligence live can be fascinated by the Innovation Hacking Team at TNG Technology Consulting with Realtime Deepfakes, Music AI or PowerPoint GhostWriter AI.

The CTF Challenge by Daniel Klinger and Dr. Tobias Heide. Teams compete against each other in the OWASP Juice Shop to use penetration tests to uncover potential weaknesses in IT systems. Programming skills and a bit of creativity, on the other hand, are required for the interactive challenge “Pixelflood”, which extends over the entire period of the festival. The idea is that participants write snippets of code to programmatically generate images or project image files onto a canvas hosted by a server system within the CloudLand network. In the competition, visitors should first find out together how the canvas can be filled – only the server address and ports are known – and then compete for the content on the canvas.

The Cloud Native Festival not only wants to challenge you to take part, but also invites you to play and have fun in the amusement park ambience and the rides of Phantasialand. At the summer night party, you can party wildly – ​​until late into the night.

From now until May 9, 2023, tickets for the festival are available at a reasonable early bird price. The CloudLand All-in-One Pass for the entire event currently costs 1700 euros in the ticket shop (all prices plus 19% VAT). If you only want to take part in the CloudCamp, you can purchase a separate ticket for June 20 for 380 euros. On the other hand, if you want to do without the CloudCamp, you can get a ticket for the three days from June 21st to 23rd for 1430 euros with the CloudLand Festival Pass. Matching rooms can then also be booked in the partner hotels – however, the contingent is limited, so it is advisable to reserve early.

If you want to keep up to date with the Cloud Native Festival, you should check the event website regularly or the CloudLand team on Twitter or Follow Mastodon – the current hashtag is #CloudLand2023.


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