Consumer center warns against buying supposed Amazon pallets

Fraudsters offer devices such as smartphones, game consoles or notebooks for sale on various platforms as alleged “Amazon packages”. The sellers promise better prices for the devices since they are available for purchase in bulk. The consumer advice center in Saxony warns of this. The goods are said to come from returned pallets from Amazon’s warehouses. These are uncollected goods that must be disposed of. These pallets are offered on the Internet from as little as 30 euros. Hundreds of supposedly satisfied customers share pictures with alleged proof photos and reports about the goods. In fact, customers go away empty-handed.

Ads for this appear on Facebook, for example, but also in advertisements on classic media sites. As a rule, however, such large quantities of goods are not sold to private customers by the pallet. When asked about a regular dealer who sells such pallets to resellers, he replied that they were not affected by the problem. For example, there were no fake offers in the name of the company. Accordingly, there are no complaints or tips from customers.

The consumer advice center in Saxony reports on a person who paid several hundred euros for pallets and did not receive any goods. The e-mail address of the supposed seller was then no longer accessible. “It is true that returned goods are sometimes sold again in pallets. However, not as offered in the social networks, for little money to private customers, but in large quantities to companies,” explains Heike Teubner from the consumer center in Auerbach.

“Any private customer who is hoping for a big bargain should always pay attention to disproportionately cheap offers. No reputable dealer has anything to give away. Therefore, offers on social media should always be treated with caution,” says Teubner. If you are unsure, you can get an idea of ​​the goods on site. The consumer center in Auerbach, for example, offers advice on 037 44/219 641.


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