c’t webinar: IT security for everyone

Without a minimum of security precautions, your own data on private end devices is unprotected. Sensitive photos, the address book, passwords or even bank access data could be stolen and bartered away by the highest bidder – and sooner or later every PC and smartphone becomes the target of an attack. If you weren’t careful then, you could get into a lot of trouble. It is not that difficult to understand the basics of IT security and to significantly improve your own security with just a few precautions.

In the c’t webinar “IT security for everyone”, technology journalist Keywan Tonekaboni teaches the basics of security on the Internet over two afternoons – generally understandable and without security gibberish. If anything is unclear, the participants can ask questions directly.

Tonekaboni gives tips on how to better protect PCs, smartphones and WLAN routers and surf more securely. He shows how to create backups and protect against encryption Trojans. He also explains how password managers and two-factor authentication help protect access to devices and accounts. Participants learn how VPN tunnels work and what they are good for. Another topic is WhatsApp and other messengers and what needs to be considered with them. All practical tips on data security and data protection in the digital space can be easily implemented in everyday life.

The c’t webinar is aimed at people who have not yet dealt very much with their own IT security or who would like to refresh their knowledge. It consists of two parts that will take place on May 9th and 11th, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. These live events are streamed live, a current browser is sufficient for participation. If you book by April 11th, you get an early bird discount and the webinar for 35.00 euros. Further information on the event and details on how to register can be found on the c’t webinar page from heise events.

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