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Our overview of small, interesting messages includes Spring Cloud Gateway, Qwik, JKube, Databricks, PowerShellGet, Big Data Tools and Rust.

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  • Matthew Parbel
  • Frank Michael Schlede
  • Rainald Menge-Sunday
  • Maika Mobus
  • Silke Hahn

Here is the quite subjective selection of smaller messages of the past few days:

  • VMware has released the Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes version 2.0. The new release of the commercial offering, which is based on the Spring Cloud Gateway open source project, offers the option of using Redis to manage a shared cache for two API gateway instances. In addition, Zipkin can be integrated to record tracing data.
  • Qwik is preparing for the first major release. The JavaScript framework with the HTML-first approach has removed all obsolete APIs in version 0.100.0 and should not receive any further breaking changes until v1.0.
  • JKube, the collection of plugins and libraries for cloud-native Java applications, has reached version 1.12. In addition to bug fixes and other innovations, resource limits can be set for containers using XML/DSL configuration.
  • Lakehouse company Databricks has announced the Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing. This platform should be able to offer integrated AI functions and ready-made solutions for predictive maintenance, digital twins, supply chain optimization, demand forecasting. It also includes access to use case accelerators designed to speed up the analysis process and help organizations address critical industry challenges.
  • Microsoft’s PowerShell team announced in a blog post that a new preview version of PowerShellGet 3.0 is available in the PowerShell Gallery. It includes a major overhaul of the module to remove the dependency on the NuGet client APIs for remote repositories. This version of the module is scheduled to be deployed along with the PowerShellGet compatibility module in the next preview of PowerShell 7.4 (Preview 3).
  • Apache Ranger is at version 2.4. The update of the framework for GDPR-compliant masking of personal data provides numerous bug fixes, but brings new functions such as finely graduated access control via nested structures.

  • With the Continuous Modernization Manager (CMM), vFunction has introduced software designed to support software architects and developers in the continuous monitoring, detection and localization of problems with the application architecture. CMM shall be able to monitor Java and .NET applications and services to establish baselines and thus monitor architectural deviations and erosion.
  • JetBrains has announced the availability of Big Data Tools version 2023.1. The software now offers integration with Kafka Schema Registry, Kerberos authentication, and expanded support for all cloud storage. With this update, developers should be able to explore Kafka themes serialized in Avro or Protobuf directly in the IDE.
  • GitHub announced the creation of a private space for maintainers. Accessible by request only, the new GitHub Maintainer Community aims to offer invitations to private maintainer events, early access to betas and previews, and regular workshops on best practices for contributing to open source software.
  • Meta submitted Rapid 2.0. The tool for editing OpenStreetMap maps promises higher performance after the update – the rendering engine in particular is said to work up to 10 times faster.
  • After a first release in November last year, PL/Rust has reached version 1.0. The project is a procedural language handler that allows PostgreSQL functions to be written in the Rust programming language.


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