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Our roundup of small, interesting stories includes Kong, Ambassador Labs, OpenInfra, Kotlin, Quarkus, PluralSight, Apache Sedona, and Spin, among others.

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Here is the quite subjective selection of smaller messages of the past few days:

  • Kong introduces long-term support for its API gateway for the first time. Kong Enterprise 2.8 is now the official LTS release. Kong grants support to users of the API gateway until March 25, 2025.
  • Ambassador Labs introduces Telepresence for Docker. Tailored to development teams deploying applications using Docker and Kubernetes, the offering aims to provide more flexibility for staging. To do this, a traffic manager dynamically connects the local development environment with the Kubernetes clusters to enable the flexible use of local tools, simplify team collaboration and help reduce cloud costs.
  • The Open Infrastructure Foundation welcomes two new members to the Associate Member category: the Python Software Foundation and the Rust Foundation. Both programming languages ​​were recently recognized as part of the Open Source Software Security Initiative (OS3i) for their contributions to more security in software development.
  • The company Pluralsight, which specializes in and offers online training, has again this year created a report on the subject of further education and training under the name “The State of Upskilling”. The company interviewed more than 1,200 people from the fields of technology, human resources and L&D (learning & development) from a wide variety of industries.
  • The makers behind the Kubernetes Native Java Stack Quarkus have presented version 3.0.0.Beta1 of the software. They also announce that they have Quarkus 3.0.0.CR1 release scheduled in a week, so now is a good time to test application migration to Quarkus 3. New features include the reintroduction of Hibernate Reactive and Camel Quarkus.

  • The JetBrains development team for Kotlin regularly conducts the Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators Recognition Campaign. In a recent blog entry, they present articles on topics such as “Generate Kotlin client for a complex web API” or “KMM: writing Kotlin API for Swift”.
  • Fermyon Technologies has announced Spin 1.0, a new version of its WebAssembly-based framework for serverless functions. The development team at Fermyon emphasizes that Spin 1.0 aims to meet the needs of modern full-stack developers by adding support for SQL databases, NoSQL key/value stores, OCI registry support, as well as other popular languages.
  • As announced at the Android Dev Summit 2021, Google has created Jetpack Media3, a new collection of media playback libraries that are now fully available to Android developers.
  • The Apache Software Foundation has released version 1.4 of Apache Sedona. Among other things, the cluster computing system for processing spatial data offers improvements that are intended to reduce storage requirements by a factor of ten when working with Spark and the GeoParquet format for spatial data.
  • Vaadin – a framework for developing web applications for Java – is now available in version 24. The development team behind it particularly emphasizes that they have relied on a new technology base for this software, which includes Java 17, Jakarta EE 10, Servlet 6.0, Spring 6.0 and Spring Boot 3. In addition, the release should be able to offer several improvements that developers can use to create Java applications even faster.


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