Elon Musk, Twitter and the cacophony of press inquiries

Elon Musk, the young entrepreneur from California who is considered to be deeply relaxed, shines with a technical innovation that is intended to make the work of media around the world significantly easier. In a tweet to his followers on Sunday afternoon German time, he announced that emails to [email protected] will now automatically be answered with a lively little emoji.

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between there are always gems that are too good for /dev/null.

The innovation follows weeks of uncertainty about how Twitter’s public relations will continue after the previous press people left. After all, the boss can’t do everything himself, and in many cases journalists want quick answers.

Some media misinterpreted this message as an affront to the press. They completely misjudged that the genius, who also installed a virtual whoopee cushion function in cars of his Tesla brand, once again only recognized the signs of the times and, in view of the many questions about his purchase on Twitter, devised a workflow that the many Process requests more effectively.

We therefore asked the new press office a few questions and document them here in the original soundtrack:

How do you assess the development of Twitter since the takeover by Elon Musk?


We’ve heard a lot of bad things about Elon Musk and how he treats employees: What do you think of your charming boss?


What can we expect for the future of Twitter and Elon?


Thanks for the quick replies!


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