Gadget Inspector: HomeKit bar, USB-C cable with indicator, power crank and more

Manufacturers and dealers offer all sorts of accessories for Apple products. Mac & i regularly takes a critical look at gadgets – from cool to rubbish.

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In pocket save on computer

Good accessories make life better for Apple users – bad ones only cost you money and nerves. In this episode of Gadget Inspector, we take a look at a total of six interesting products that promise to make Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices easier to use.

Included this time are the HomeKit multiple plug Tapo P300, the lighting Lite Bulb Moments Smart String Lights, the cooling element K6 Mobile Phone Tablet MagSafe Radiator, the special cable Digital Pro 100 W, the 3-in-1-Carry Sleeve for the MacBook and a crank -Pearl dynamo solar power bank.

The white multiple socket from the TP-Link subsidiary Tapo has three sockets with a total output of up to 2300 watts and overvoltage protection. As the first networked multiple socket, it comes with two USB-A sockets and a USB-C port that provides up to 18 watts via Power Delivery. That was enough to charge an iPad Pro 11″ or to operate a HomePod mini, and thus saves an additional power supply.

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