GPT-4 can create iPhone apps via SwiftUI

It is well known that ChatGPT is amazingly good at programming – based on the old GPT-3.5 model that has been available since the end of November. With the successor GPT-4, which was released this week and which ChatGPT+ subscribers can already try out, the generative language AI goes one step further: It is possible to create complete iPhone apps via SwiftUI. A developer has now demonstrated this.

“Hey gpt4, make me an iPhone app that recommends 5 new films + trailers + where to watch them every day,” Morten Jost summarizes promptly, but then he does became even more complex. He turned the system into an “AI programmer’s assistant” that first generates pseudocode and then generates an entire SwiftUI lifecycle app. The app created by GPT-4 initially had a few bugs, but Jost was able to have the AI ​​fix them himself. The code eventually compiled and actually did what the developer wanted it to do.

Of course, ChatGPT lacks the connection to SwiftUI or other frameworks, but copying code via copy & paste is not difficult. However, it is conceivable that one day Apple will integrate an assistant function into development environments such as Swift Playgrounds. Microsoft has been building such copilot features into its Office programs for a long time.

It is particularly noteworthy that detailed work on an app is also possible with GPT-4. Jost, who is a UI specialist himself, found the interface initially displayed to be “too noisy” and instead simply showed an info sheet after the user clicked. GPT-4 replied that it was “a good solution for Safe Areas”. Then there was step-by-step instructions on how to implement the wish.

Even the code views were structured in a meaningful way. “Instead of giving me the entire application over and over again, she selected sections and even commented out unrelated code.” Jost has now published the entire Swift project on GitHub, so you can get your own impression of the quality. As usual, keep in mind that any output from ChatGPT – whether based on GPT-3.5, which is available for free, or GPT-4 – needs to be reviewed to verify accuracy. This applies to code as well as to factual content.

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