#heiseshow: GPT-4, fingerprints and daylight saving time

A new era begins for the heiseshow. From March 23, the show will be streamed live every Thursday at 5 p.m. In the newly designed program we talk about three current tech news topics and classify them. There are also new sections with interesting, absurd and entertaining content.

Thursdays. 17 o’clock. Live. heise online talks about current technical developments and network policy. Tweets with the hashtag #heiseshow can be used for discussion before, during and after the show. The #heiseshow is available…

However, the participation of the spectators is particularly important to us. Questions can be asked in advance in the forum and live during the broadcast in the chat, which we will take up in the broadcast.

Presenter Anna Kalinowsky, heise online editor-in-chief Dr. Volker Zota (@DocZet) and editor and moderator Malte Kirchner (@maltekir@maltekir) talk about the following topics in this issue:

  • GPT-4: The new version of the generative text AI causes discussions. How much has really changed? How much is hype? And what effects does artificial intelligence have on our everyday lives?
  • Dispute over fingerprints in ID cards: Can the state oblige its citizens to provide biometric features for their ID? The courts are arguing about this and now maybe the heiseshow too?
  • How timely is the time change? The clocks change at the weekend. How much energy does this really save? And are there perhaps even smarter solutions in times of digitization?

Questions to the moderators and guests can be asked during the show in the YouTube chat and on our Twitch channel (twitch.tv/heiseonline) as well as in advance by email and in the heise forum. The editors are already looking forward to numerous viewers and lively feedback.

The #heiseshow is streamed live on heise online every Thursday at 5 p.m. After the live broadcast, the program is available to watch and listen to on YouTube and as a podcast.

The episodes are available in SD (360p) or HD (720p). You can find the links to the RSS feeds in the adjacent box.


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