#heiseshow: More tech news topics, more entertainment and a new time

The #heiseshow is about to undergo a major change: on Thursday, March 23, it will be streamed live for the first time with a new concept and a different slot. It starts at 5 p.m. In a process lasting several months, the editors put the #heiseshow to the test and developed new ideas. The weekly podcast from heise online will offer more tech news topics, more opinions and more entertainment in the future. There are also many new faces on the show. What remains important: the interaction with the audience. In the usual way, the program is also available for retrieval afterwards in audio and video form.

When the #heiseshow started in January 2016 – more than seven years ago – it started as a relaxed round of talks. The new #heiseshow builds on this and presents three selected topics in each program, which are discussed and classified by interlocutors from the editor-in-chief and the heise online newsroom. Viewers are cordially invited to participate in the discussion with questions and comments.

The conversations are embedded in a series of new sections designed to stimulate, inspire and entertain. In addition to the absurd from the tech world, people and questions of knowledge are also in the foreground. The new slot on Thursday at 5 p.m. should enable more interested parties to watch the recording live and to participate via the YouTube chat.

Presenter Anna Kalinowsky leads through the first broadcast. Your interlocutors are heise online editor-in-chief Dr. Volker Zota and heise online editor Malte Kirchner.


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