Homemade internet and FM radio with ESP32 and battery

Many, especially younger people, hardly ever listen to the radio these days. I mean: real radio, i.e. not radio stations streamed via the Internet, but FM stations broadcast wirelessly from the nearest transmission mast/television tower. This is a practical device, because it works almost everywhere. But you only really learn to appreciate that when there is no data connection available, be it on hikes far away from the wireless network, because the smartphone battery is currently empty or because the local internet/mobile network failed due to other adverse circumstances (storms). is.

Be that as it may: With this small radio you are prepared for all eventualities: It can stream radio stations from the Internet via WLAN as well as receive them directly via ultra short wave. Thanks to the built-in battery, this also works if no power connection is available.

The electronics manufacturers also make it really easy for us: Instead of laboriously winding coils, assembling oscillating circuits mechanically as stable as possible and then adjusting everything afterwards with a not inconsiderable amount of measuring equipment, you get a complete FM tuner today on a small plate that hardly reaches the size of a postage stamp.

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