Integrate Microsoft Teams video image into live streams via NDI

Video conferencing software is bad at showing participants in full screen without distracting overlays. The NDI standard provides a remedy for teams.

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AI mid-journey !!!  Draft, original in the same format comes from uwei !!!

AI mid-journey !!!  Draft, original in the same format comes from uwei !!!

(Image: KI Midjourney | Editing: c’t)

Attentive TV viewers will discover some familiar video conferencing software on breakfast TV, in news programs and TV reports. And also in professional online and hybrid events of large companies, the traces of the software appear here and there in the otherwise perfect video image. Sometimes buttons or a chat flash at the top or bottom of the picture, sometimes you can see a small preview image of the other person at the bottom right, sometimes a watermark is emblazoned in the field of view. With the solution described here, you get camera images without accessories as full images.

Not only occasional live streamers, but also experienced broadcasters often find it difficult to seamlessly integrate speakers into a video image via video conference.

Simply dial into a conference on a dedicated PC and grab the entire screen image with an HDMI grabber? The manufacturers of conference software don’t make it that easy because a trouble-free full-screen mode isn’t built in. And it gets really difficult when you have to bring several participants into a live stream at the same time.

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