iPhone 15 Pro Max: “Thinnest display bezel ever”?

Apple plans to give its next flagship iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the thinnest bezel of any smartphone to date, according to a report. According to a report by Apple blog 9to5Mac, the “ultra-thin bezels” appear on newly leaked CAD files and render images of the model, which are said to come from Asia.

Apple will “break records” with it, it said – also from a well-known leaker on Twitter. The edge of the screen, also known as the bezel, is the black edge of the screen that can be seen between the surface that can be illuminated and the metal. This is said to be reduced by 28 percent to 1.55 mm. With that, Apple would also beat the Xiaomi 13, which with its 1.81 mm is considered the previous top model in this area. For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple is currently 2.17 mm, while competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S23 have 1.95 mm thick bezels.

A thinner screen bezel makes for a more immersive experience on a smartphone, as it appears to the user that the content extends to the edge of the device. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will still have a Dynamic Island that breaks the screen with a selfie camera and Face ID facial recognition module. Apple has been researching touch ID sensors under the screen or other ways to omit the notch for years; but the rumor mill believes that it won’t be implemented for a long time.

There are also more details about the iPhone 15 Pro Max from leaker circles. The new model should be slightly smaller, both in terms of height and width. However, the base device is 0.4 mm thicker, which should hardly be noticeable in practice due to the slightly thinner “camera bump”. Apple wants to install a periscope lens in the iPhone for the first time, which promises an improved zoom.

There is also speculation about a new outer material. Instead of stainless steel, Apple is said to be considering using titanium, as is known from the Apple Watch Ultra. There have been rumors about this for several months. It remains unclear whether Apple will release a fifth iPhone model this year – the “iPhone 15 Ultra” with special functions and the highest price of an Apple smartphone to date. The model could also be a renaming of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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