iPhone 15 Pro: New speculation about a price jump

Is Apple raising the price with the iPhone 15 Pro? Industry observers suspect that the hardware innovations will probably make the top model more expensive. Expected improvements to the iPhone 15 Pro include a titanium body, a more powerful A17 Bionic chip, more RAM, and an overhauled camera system. New solid-state keys require additional vibration motors and thus also contribute to higher costs, according to an analyst from an investment firm, as reported by Macrumors. For several weeks there has been speculation about a new price jump for iPhones, which extends to an “iPhone Ultra” as the new flagship.

Apple boss Tim Cook unintentionally triggered the speculation about a more expensive iPhone: Cook told financial analysts last month that customers were willing to “really stretch” to buy the best iPhone – even in an otherwise difficult economic environment. After all, smartphones have become a central part of users’ lives, emphasized the Apple boss.

Outside of the US, Apple has long since raised iPhone prices, with only the US starting price of $999 for the Pro series remaining unchanged since the big price jump with the iPhone X in fall 2017. With the Max series, Apple introduced a larger and more expensive variant the following year, but the base price of 1100 US dollars has never been increased. Accordingly, a price increase in autumn 2023 would not be too surprising.

What that means for the euro price remains open for the time being: In Germany, prices recently rose significantly with the iPhone 14 series, not least as an adjustment to fluctuating exchange rates and a very weak euro at the time. The entry-level model became around 100 euros more expensive overnight, the iPhone 14 Pro even 150 euros and has since cost 1300 euros from Apple, with a maximum 1 TB memory configuration as Pro Max even over 2000 euros.

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