iX-Workshop: Securely in the public cloud: Secure Azure & Co. effectively

Relocating services and applications to the cloud helps save resources. But how do you protect your data and applications in the public cloud from theft and possibly industrial espionage? What about data protection and what does emergency management in the cloud look like? Is it possible to avoid becoming dependent on the cloud provider whose services you are tied to? And what skills and knowledge does your own IT team need to successfully manage data and services in a (hybrid) cloud infrastructure?

You will get answers to these many questions in the two-day iX workshop Secure Cloud Use: Effective Measures to Secure Azure & Co. The training for IT decision-makers and implementers as well as security and data protection officers provides the tools for the secure use of the public cloud. You will learn about important security standards, best practices and specific measures to secure Microsoft Azure and develop a guideline for using the cloud securely in your company – even if you use a cloud other than Microsoft’s, such as AWS from Amazon, or the GCP by Google.

The interactive online workshop will take place on May 8th and 9th, 2023. The speaker Inés Atug studied mathematics and has been working in IT security for more than ten years. Her focus areas are cryptography, data protection and secure cloud computing.

Secure cloud use: Effective measures to secure Azure & Co, online workshop on May 8th and 9th, 2023.

We offer further dates for this two-day workshop in September and November 2023. These are already bookable.

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