Machine Learning Conference: Secure discounted tickets until March 27th

On May 10th and 11th the Minds Mastering Machines 2023 will take place in Karlsruhe. The organizers iX, heise developer and dpunkt.verlag have extended the early bird discount for the sixth edition of the machine learning conference until March 27th.

Since 2018, Minds Mastering Machines has been the specialist conference for data scientists, data engineers and developers who turn machine learning projects into reality. You will gain deep insights into the concepts of ML and the current developments and challenges for AI projects.

The conference program offers a good 30 lectures in three tracks over two days, including the following topics:

  • Apply Large Language Models to your own data
  • Resilient machine learning
  • AI meets cybersecurity
  • MLOps with Argo Workflows and Kubernetes
  • Federated learning from theory to implementation
  • Optimizing neural networks
  • Insight into the Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act)
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – the missing three percent

The opening keynote titled “Ethical Questions about Conversational AI – A Search for the ‘Truth’?” says Anne Lauscher: ChatGPT and Co often produce helpful answers to a wide variety of inputs and will increasingly find their way into everyday life. However, Conversational AI still has numerous shortcomings that threaten responsible communication. The systems regularly produce factually incorrect statements or adopt stereotypes and prejudices. In her keynote, the award-winning data science professor looks at these problems and their causes and asks the question of the “truth”.

Tickets for the Minds Mastering Machines are now available until March 27th at the early bird price of 899 euros (all prices plus VAT). The workshops “MLOps – how to get an ML model into production and keep it there?” and “Step by Step to Explainable AI”, which take place on the day before the conference, May 9, each cost 549 euros. There are also discounted combination tickets for the conference and workshop.

Anyone who would like to be informed about the course of the conference can subscribe to the newsletter or contact the organizers follow on twitter. The hashtag for the Minds Mastering Machines 2023 is #m3_2023.


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