No old iron: E-mail traffic in companies is growing and growing

An average of 42 e-mails are received in inboxes every day, which means that users in German companies receive significantly more messages than before Corona: in 2021 there were 26, in 2018 21 and in 2014 only 18 e-mails, according to a current study by the industry association Bitkom .

Only 14 percent in Germany do not work with e-mails at all. On the other hand, 8 percent of employees reach the upper end of the range with more than 100 messages a day. Roughly a quarter of the users receive 10 to 24 or 25 to 49 e-mails a day. 13 percent receive 50 to 74 messages and only 5 percent receive 75 to 99 emails a day.

Bitkom attributes the significant increase in professional e-mail traffic to Corona, the pandemic helped the technology to a second spring. In fact, it seemed tied in with the concurrent rise of chat tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack—but which would also use email for meeting scheduling and notifications, complementing email, according to Bitkom.

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dr Bernhard Rohleder, Bitkom CEO, has the following to say about the figures: “E-mail is alive. E-mail remains the standard, especially for external communication and the sending of documents.” However, the study did not ask about the content of the messages and especially the new ones – statements about the reasons for the increase therefore remain speculative.

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