OpenProject 12.5 allows uploads and links to Nextcloud

With the new version 12.5, the project management suite OpenProject deepens its integration into Nextcloud. Companies using the two open source programs can now upload and link new files to the Nextcloud storage directly from an OpenProject work package. Conversely, when creating a new work package, users can access files and folders stored in Nextcloud.

This should create comfort and, above all, clarity, because users can get a better review and evaluation of files as well as insights into the general progress of the project from both programs. Other features, such as the new display of changes to projects and a filter for overdue tasks, should also provide improved insight into the status of a project.

A file picker allows Nextcloud files to be uploaded and linked directly from the OpenProject suite

(Image: OpenProject)

Furthermore, users can now enter non-working days – such as public holidays and closing days. In addition, OpenProject is again releasing an add-on for its free community version that was previously only available in the enterprise edition: An advanced search including a filter enables a full-text search and the search for documents and their content in work packages. An overview of all new features can be found in the OpenProject blog post.

OpenProject is collaborative project management software for enterprise use. As with Nextcloud, there is a free community version and paid enterprise licenses. The latter also allow on-premises use. Most recently, OpenProject had primarily expanded the security aspect of its suite. With its collaboration platform Hub, Nextcloud has positioned itself in the past as a provider of digitally sovereign workplaces in the government environment. In 2021, both parties announced a collaboration that resulted in the integration of Nextcloud into OpenProject.

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