Professional photographers are demanding comprehensive regulation for AI images

As one of the first associations of photographers, the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF) has taken a detailed position on AI-generated images. The association calls for comprehensive regulation both for the creation of images using machine learning and for their labeling and use of the works from the machine.

The BFF expressly refers to the latest statement by the Ethics Council on AI, according to which AI should not replace humans. The association agrees and makes three points in its appeal: AI images should protect copyright, respect personal rights and not infringe exploitation rights. These areas are essential for people who live off the images they create. “Legal regulations to protect the works and economic viability are essential,” writes the BFF.

As an example, the association cites that the database with training data Laion-5b is equipped with 5.85 billion images. The authors were not asked: the use was made “without the knowledge and consent” of the authors. “They have to see how their own works are economically exploited by a foreign technology and used by it for their own purposes.”

The BFF calls for a “differentiated public debate” not only on the economic aspects. He also proposes a labeling requirement for AI-generated images. The entire statement can be found on the association’s website, as can a detailed FAQ on the legal aspects of the issue. The legal advisor to our publishing house recently summarized the current legal status.

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