RackMac Studio: Two Mac Studios in one rack

Apple’s Mac Studio, which was introduced last year, is a very fast machine that, despite its compact external dimensions, has long overtaken the Intel Xeon-based Mac Pro in various applications. The device is correspondingly interesting for high-end applications as a server. Sonnet Technologies now has the right case for this: the RackMac Studio.

The hardware, which is commercially available for 650 euros, holds a total of two Mac studios in 3U/3U format. It fits into any standard 19-inch rack (depth: 9.5 inches), as long as there is enough space above and below. The machine can be connected with a sufficiently long Thunderbolt 4 cable, which Apple, for example, has been offering in 3 meters for a long time.

Each of the Mac studios in the rack is equipped with its own power button. The USB-C ports and the SD card slot are accessible at the front, and there is also a USB-A port on each computer. The Macs can be accessed again relatively quickly using thumbscrews. A fan management ensures that the devices do not get too warm. According to Sonnet, the housing and Mac studios can also be transported in a suitable case, with rubber damping included. There is also integrated space for external SSDs, which can be mounted under the machines.

In addition to the regular RackMac Studio, Sonnet is also showing another 3U rack model at NAB Las Vegas that only fits a Mac Studio, but has left more room for accessories. The hardware is called xMac Studio and also allows the use of up to three PCIe cards. In addition, there is also space for SSDs, if you already own one of the Echo cases from Sonnet, you can continue to use it and buy the rack system “empty”.

However, there are a few things to consider when using PCIe cards on Apple Silicon machines. This is not how GPUs work and the use of other extensions such as audio, Ethernet or capture cards is restricted. Sonnet provides a compatibility list here. Without the module, the xMac Studio hardware is available in German stores from 840 euros.

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