Raspi Pi Pico W: Comfortable programming with CircuitPython

CircuitPython is perfect for initial programming experiments with the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Our guide explains how to set up a WiFi connection.

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A special Python version is suitable for programming small microcontrollers without a standard operating system. You can choose between MicroPython and its derivative CircuitPython: In both cases it is a Python that is tailored precisely to this hardware.

Beginners who want to make their first experiences with the widespread Raspberry Pi Pico W should take a look at CircuitPython: This language version was specially designed for beginners who just haven’t had any experience with the programming language. CircuitPython removes some of the barriers to entry that newcomers to MicroPython face. In addition, excellent documentation helps with programming.

The integration into a WLAN is practically a standard task for IoT systems: There is hardly an application scenario in which such an integration would not be necessary. CircuitPython is used in this guide to enable a Raspberry Pi Pico W to access a WLAN. Further small programming experiments illustrate further possibilities.

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