Remote maintenance: Anydesk problems due to payment processor change

The provider of remote desktop software Anydesk recently switched providers for payment processing, which has caused problems with license extensions in the meantime. The company announced this at the request of heise online.

The request was triggered by readers’ notices, for example, that the usual automatic extensions had not taken place and that support and sales were not available. Appropriate reviews are also piling up on the Internet. At Trustpilot, for example, dissatisfied statements are increasing.

As a company spokeswoman explained, Anydesk has been in a “hyper growth phase” since 2020. The company now has more than 150,000 customers worldwide. Anydesk is working on “adapting our systems to the sharply increased requirements”.

The company is therefore aware of the comments on the network. In general, all communication channels – telephone, customer portal, live chat, social media and website – are one hundred percent operational. Incoming inquiries would be answered as quickly as possible for both support and purchase inquiries.

Anydesk will switch to “a more powerful telecommunications system” in April. The manufacturer already offers a live chat, which is actively used by interested parties.

Due to the change of payment processing company, there has been “a temporary accumulation of inquiries in the last few weeks”. Some customer groups encountered unforeseen obstacles. However, Anydesk wants to write to all affected customers and ensure that they can continue to use their Anydesk licenses to the full extent.


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