“Shopping Suite”: Snap launches SaaS for augmented reality fittings

Snap, the company behind the social media app Snapchat, offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for business customers with the “Shopping Suite”. You can use tools developed by Snap that allow consumers to virtually try on clothes and shoes, among other things. All technologies offered should help to make better purchasing decisions. Ultimately, bad purchases online not only lead to frustration among customers, but also to numerous returns, which are not good for the environment either because of the distance traveled or how they are handled: many online retailers ultimately destroy the goods.

Snap’s software, called “Shopping Suite,” includes five areas. The term “AR Try on” hides the possibility that customers can either upload a photo of themselves, through which they can see clothes, shoes and accessories on themselves. The fitting works with “Live Try on” using augmented reality. A “3D viewer” shows customers products from all directions and down to the smallest detail. Of course, this software cannot do without artificial intelligence either: The “Fit & Sizing Recommendation Tech” helps to find the right size and best fit for an individual body shape.

Companies using the “Shopping Suite” receive an infrastructure and a backend system for the administration of all functions. This should make using Snaps SDK easier. This can then also be used to create 3D models of goods. The suite also offers performance analysis. Snap is helping implement the solution, the announcement said. Kits have been around for a long time, with which developers can create stickers and links, for example, a log-in kit makes it possible to log in to other services with the Snap access data, and the Bitmojis are also available for other apps if you use them corresponding kit.

A newly formed team called ARES (AR Enterprise Services) is responsible for the shopping service. This in turn consists of parts of the Berlin company Fit Analytics, which was taken over by Snap in 2020, as well as Vertebrae and Forma.

When shopping for clothes and shoes online, there is a lack of feel and trying on. Improving this has long been the intention of providers. As early as 2002, the clothing retailer Land’s End started letting virtual models try on clothes. In the meantime, luxury brands are also offering AR fittings, with Snap the New York fine jewelry house Tiffanys and the originally French Cartier already on board. For example, you use ray tracing to make a bracelet sparkle. Zozo tried a different way out of the fit dilemma. The online shop offered a smartphone app that was supposed to take measurements and create a 3D model from them, which was then used to manufacture the clothes. In Europe, the Japanese company behind Zozosuite did not do well and withdrew from the market.


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