Smart bell with HomeKit and SD card: Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 in the test

With a smart video doorbell, you can see who is at the door before you open it. If you don’t want to receive visitors, you can easily fake your absence. Or you can ask the courier to simply turn off the delivery thanks to the integrated voice function. Switching from the ordinary to the intelligent doorbell is particularly easy if the installation does not require heavy tools and the new model works with the most important smart home systems. Requirements that Aqara meets with the Smart Doorbell G4.

Because you can attach the smart doorbell without a drill and screwdriver. If there is no cable for the power supply at the desired installation location, simply operate the Smart Doorbell G4 with replaceable batteries. If drilling holes is not an option, simply glue the bell in place. All you need is a stable WLAN connection (Wi-Fi 4, 802.11n) at the front door.

You can also choose in relation to two other points. The camera recordings end up either in the free Aqara cloud or on a memory card. If you use the smart home platforms from Amazon, Apple or Google, integration into them is possible. This is an important aspect primarily for Apple users. Because the Smart Doorbell G4, which costs around 120 euros, supports HomeKit Secure Video and thus the possibility of using the smart doorbell completely without Aqara software and cloud.

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