Software developers: Are the gold rush days on the job market over?

Until recently, those who aspired to a career in software development seemed to be guaranteed a job. The IT job market was desperately looking for skilled workers. The mass layoffs at Amazon, Meta, and other US tech firms have somewhat shaken that apparent certainty. A developer blog has now devoted itself to another indicator, namely the number of job advertisements on two major job boards for software developers.

The picture painted in the blog post at The Pragmatic Engineer is a mixed one. The number of job advertisements in the monthly “Who is hiring” thread on Hacker News and figures published by the job broker Indeed were evaluated.

The figures from Hacker News show that job offers had already decreased significantly at the turn of the year 2020. But before it became a major crisis, there was a trend reversal. With Corona and the rapid digitization, including home office and home schooling, there was a rapid upswing in April 2020, which came to a standstill again at the end of the lockdown phases at the end of 2021.

This aligns with numbers from Indeed, evaluated by the blog, which also noted a rapid increase in 2020. In the US, a significant downward trend started in July 2022, although the numbers are still above 2020 levels. In Europe, the situation on the job market is sometimes much more relaxed. The number of offers in Germany only fell slightly by January 2023, and in France it is even continuing to rise.


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