Testing the folding double display: Monduo 16 Pro Duo for mobile work

The Monduo 16 Inch Pro Duo Display consists of two high-resolution LCDs on a wide frame that is placed over the notebook display. The two WQHD monitors extend the screen of the mobile computer to the sides and thus triple the work area. The setup then resembles a large curved monitor.

The double display fits 16-inch notebooks exactly: you pull the two parts apart a little, put them over the carrier display and push the frame back together. The spring mechanism for clamping is a bit notchy and has insufficient rubber; careless handling can scratch the notebook cover. A support that can be folded backwards reliably prevents the entire construction from sagging. The curvature of the entire display can be adjusted by tilting the wings.

The two matte IPS panels cover sRGB and the extended DCI-P3 color space. The maximum brightness is 365 cd/m²2, the average contrast is a good 1140:1. The color reproduction in the default user preset appears balanced. White has a slightly bluish tint when viewed from an angle – which is due to the IPS-typical dependence on the viewing angle from the diagonal. However, as a user in front of the double display, this peculiarity is hardly noticeable.

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