The product workers: Change from Scrum Master to Product Owner

Many roads lead to Rome … as the saying goes. And there are also countless paths to responsibility as a product owner. In this episode, Dominique Winter and Oliver Winter discuss the path that leads through the responsibility as Scrum Master, because there are certainly one or two advantages and disadvantages of having been in this role before.

A very big advantage is that you have been dealing with Scrum and the various responsibilities for a long time. This makes you particularly aware of the advantages of iterative, incremental development of a product. Also, you have usually already gained a lot of skills and experience by conducting workshops.

But you will also face a few challenges, for example a role change within an organization is sometimes not so easy to communicate. Some people still see you in the old function. At the same time, in the new role you have to focus on the product instead of the team. The team will not become unimportant, but the focus is now on value creation. If someone else (especially someone with less experience) takes on the responsibility as Scrum Master, you have to consciously hold back and not meddle in the Scrum Master’s job. Rather, time needs to be put into building skills around product management techniques and mindsets.

The podcast and further information can be found under the following link: From Scrum Master to Product Owner.


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