Tip: Delete apps from the Apple Watch

Question: I don’t need the Cycle app, Medication app, or News app on the Apple Watch. However, they cannot be deleted in the Watch app on the iPhone. Is there a trick?

Mac & i replies: You can (un)install third-party apps via the Watch app on the iPhone, namely by using the “Show app on Apple Watch” switch under “My Watch” for each program. However, this option is missing in the pre-installed Apple apps.

However, you can delete some of them directly on the watch, including the cycle, medication, timer and tips apps, but not reminders, weather or maps. Place your finger on the app screen and select “Edit apps” from the menu – now the application icons will wiggle. Then remove the unwanted apps from the screen by tapping on the respective X.

For Apple’s News app, you’ll need to use a different trick. This can actually be removed from the watch with the watch app on iOS, as described at the beginning. The problem: the news app is not available for Germany on the iPhone – and is therefore also missing in the watch app.

You can also delete the News app from the Apple Watch – but only with a trick.

You can fix this by temporarily switching to “United States” in the iOS settings under “General > Language and Region > Region” (don’t worry, the system language will remain German). Now iOS automatically displays the News app. If you now delete this from the iPhone (put your finger on it, select “Remove App” in the pop-up), the system also removes the icon from the Apple Watch. In the iOS settings, change the region back to “Germany”.

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