Tip: Set the white point on the MacBook

Question: Sometimes I watch a movie in bed with my MacBook. In order to disturb my partner as little as possible, I darken the screen as much as possible. Unfortunately, that’s still too bright. With iOS, I can turn on the “Reduce white point” function in the “Accessibility > Display & Text Size” setting to darken the display even further. Where can I find them on the Mac?

Mac & i replies: Unfortunately, macOS 13 Ventura also lacks such a function. You can use the accessibility features under “Display” in the “Color filter” area to soften the luminosity with a color overlay, but unfortunately only bright colors can be selected and not grey. This also distorts the colors of the video playback.

The free QuickShade tool from the Mac App Store can help here. You can now dim your display even further via a menu bar icon. Global keyboard shortcuts can be stored in the settings in order to be able to switch the darkening on/off and regulate the intensity without a mouse.

The free tool QuickShade darkens the display of a Mac further than intended by Apple.

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