Tune your 3D printer, Part 2: Z-axis scale sensor

The most accurate way to hom and level the third axis sensor is with the print nozzle tip. We use a load cell as a sensor.

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It continues on the tuning tour with the 3D printer, as in the previous part using the example of the Creality Ender 3. In this article we will focus on that homing and leveling the Z axis. Unlike the X and Y axes, this cannot be measured without a sensor. The reason for this is the axle drive with threaded spindles: the motor driver ICs on the printer’s mainboard only notice a blockage caused by the nozzle tip touching the printing plate much too late due to the high transmission ratio.

But then the power development is already so great that in the best case the pressure platform would be pushed down very far in its springy mounting or in the worst case the pressure plate or the hotend would be damaged.

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