Two years with Apple AirTags in the Mac & i Podcast

Bluetooth trackers like Apple’s AirTags solve a fundamental human problem: the constantly misplaced key can be tracked down quickly, which saves a tiresome search. Backpacks, suitcases, purses and many other objects can also be tracked down so easily. Two functions set the AirTags apart from other trackers: thanks to ultra-broadband radio, they can be located very precisely in the room and, thanks to Apple’s huge “Where is?” network, they can also be located far away. Practically every iPhone that happens to pass by transmits the location of the AirTag in encrypted form to Apple’s server, where the owner can in turn call it up.

In episode 42 of the Mac & i Apple podcast, Malte Kirchner and Leo Becker, in conversation with their fellow editors Sebastian Trepesch and Holger Zelder, draw an interim conclusion after two years of AirTags. In addition to areas of application and experience, it is also about products from third-party providers who can also use the “Where is?” network – even without authorization. We also discuss Apple’s gradually expanding anti-stalking measures and their impact on theft protection. Our wish list for AirTags 2 should also not be missing.

Other topics include the skepticism of Apple managers with regard to the upcoming headset and the big USB-C switch to AirPods and Apple accessories.

The whole episode as an audio stream (RSS feed) to listen to and download:

The Mac & i Apple podcast has been published with the presenter duo Malte Kirchner and Leo Becker since the beginning of 2023 at a faster two-week cycle. In addition to discussions with guests on specialist topics, we also involve the listeners and current developments more closely. We look forward to letters and questions to [email protected].

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An overview of the Mac & i podcast episodes so far can be found here, the previous episode was about buying the right Mac.

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