Use iOS devices as mobile control monitors: Accsoon’s SeeMo in the test

HDMI field monitors (also called camera monitors) allow filmmakers to see the video image captured by the camera in real time. Not only is this helpful for complex scenes that require precise composition and lighting, their larger viewing areas also reveal details that are missed on the smaller camera displays. Finally, they are a blessing when the camera is in a hard-to-reach position, making it difficult to look at its monitor.

But as useful as mobile control monitors are, they put a strain on the budget: devices from well-known manufacturers such as Atomos quickly cost 330 euros and more. Some filmmakers would like an inexpensive alternative – and may be wondering whether they can simply use smartphones with large displays or tablets as field monitors.

Apple actually allows this for iPhones and iPads, but you need a special adapter with MFI certification (“Made for iPhone / iPad”) – like the “Accsoon SeeMo”: The 190-euro box converts HDMI video signals without HDCP copy protection video and photo cameras as well as game consoles so that they can be fed into iOS devices. A USB-C output is available for the last stretch, to which an iPad Pro with a USB-C port can be connected directly. A suitable adapter is included for iPhones and iPads with a Lightning port.

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