Web development with VueUse: Functions for Vue components

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VueUse is a collection of helper functions for Vue that follows the idea of ​​the framework’s Composition API. The functions are reactive and extend the functionality of components.

A look at npmtrends.com shows that the number of weekly downloads of the @vueuse/core package has been increasing steadily since the library was released two years ago and has now exceeded 400,000. For comparison, Vue is currently around 3.5 million. Other metrics that speak in favor of the library are over 13,000 GitHub stars and the good ratio of open to closed issues on GitHub. Another reason for using VueUse lies in the list of sponsors of the project. One of the platinum sponsors is Evan You, the inventor of Vue. If such a person expresses their trust in a library through their sponsorship, this is a clear recommendation for use.

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Sebastian Springer

As a JavaScript lecturer, speaker at numerous conferences and author, Sebastian Springer arouses enthusiasm for professional development with JavaScript.

VueUse covers many functions: from communicating with a server to storing data like useStorage to accessing browser interfaces such as useBluetooth for interacting with the Web Bluetooth API. The big advantage of VueUse is that there is no barrier to entry. After installing with the command


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