WebStorm 2023.1: Astro support and Vue templates that support TypeScript

Although the JetBrains development team has already announced that a new version of the WebStorm development environment will be available soon, they are first publishing a release candidate with version number 2023.1, which has a number of innovations. While a new plug-in provides Astro support, the version now offers additional improvements to the new interface in addition to extended TypeScript support.

After releasing two beta versions of WebStorm 2023.1 in early March, the developers at JetBrains announced the availability of a release candidate for their web IDE in a blog post. They also announce that a final version for productive operation will follow very soon.

The WebStorm interface also offers new features in the Release Candidate.

(Image: JetBrains)

While JetBrains introduced support for a whole range of frameworks in the last release of the development environment, the development team now announces that a “long-awaited” plug-in for the web framework Astro is also available with this release candidate. This plugin should be able to offer basic functions such as syntax highlighting, code completion with automatic imports as well as refactoring, navigation and correct formatting.

Also, with this release, JetBrains has added TypeScript support in Vue templates. It is activated when developers do this langattribute in a script tag ts set. Furthermore, WebStorm is now able to automatically add all necessary imports for Vue, Svelte, Astro and Angular templates when developers copy and paste code from one file to another.

The organizers will judge on June 21 and 22, 2023 dpunkt.verlag, heise developer and iX the enterprise JavaScript conference enterJS in Darmstadt. JavaScript and TypeScript language innovations, new and established frameworks – including SvelteKit, Qwik and Astro – as well as accessibility and software architecture will be discussed in more than 35 lectures.

All-day workshops are available both on-site and online. Four of them can be visited online the day before the conference in Darmstadt and three more afterwards. Among other things, they teach the practical application of Next.js, Svelte and RxJS for Angular.

Excerpt from the program:

The interface of the web IDE has already been extended in the previous beta version, so that the software makes it possible, for example, to save several different layouts for tool windows and to switch between them if necessary. At that point, the JetBrains development team had already announced that they would further optimize this. Based on the feedback on these innovations, a redesigned execution widget is now available: Developers can use Show Hidden Tabs show hidden tabs and use vertical splitting of tool windows. A compact mode and project tabs are available for them on macOS. For a better overview, it is now also possible to zoom in and out in WebStorm and in this way enlarge or reduce all user interface elements at once.

Interested parties can find more details about the release candidate and information about the previous beta version in the blog entry. If you want to test this version, you can download it from the JetBrains site. However, unlike previous EAP builds, developers must have an active WebStorm license or sign up for a free 30-day trial to install and run this build.


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