WhatsApp is getting a new desktop app for Windows

The previous WhatsApp desktop app for Windows devices will be replaced. According to the messenger provider, the new app is faster and has a new interface. In the future, group video calls with up to eight people and calls with up to 32 people will be possible in the app. WhatsApp explains that they want to increase the limit even further in the future. Mark Zuckerberg also reported the news on Facebook.

According to the blog post, WhatsApp was originally designed for mobile use. However, since more and more people are also using Messenger on computers and tablets, work is also being done on this. “WhatsApp is the largest platform that offers a fully encrypted experience and enables cross-platform communication between smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices.” All chats are end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart recently stated that he is absolutely against any form of chat control and weakening of encryption. He even sees Western democracies in danger if they decide otherwise.

WhatsApp had already announced and released the native app for Windows last fall, and calls are now available in addition to chats. A macOS version of the messenger is also in the works, and there is a beta for Android tablets. According to WhatsApp, device linking has become faster and synchronization better since the introduction of cross-device functions. Stickers and link previews are now also available.

WhatsApp has just changed the functions for groups. Administrators can now create these and communities in such a way that they have to admit new members. In addition, users can use the contact information of a saved person to see whether they are in the same group.

With most messengers, the trend is away from 1:1 communication in chats and towards groups and public channels. The communities, for example, should be understood as a kind of meta-group under whose umbrella further strands are formed. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has also introduced so-called broadcast channels for the Instagram photo platform, for example, in which only selected people can give updates to their followers. The fans can react and participate in polls, but cannot write in the chat themselves.

Even Signal, meanwhile, has introduced a story feature similar to that of WhatsApp. In addition to the tab for chats, there is the one for status messages. Telegram has long allowed public channels and has come under criticism for this. Content is not controlled, so dubious groups have found themselves there.

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