Which Mac for which purpose: buying advice for MacBook Air, Pro and desktop Macs

Can you even cover desktop and mobile Macs in the same buying guide when the two are so different? Sure, you even have to, because more and more people who would have bought a Mac for permanent installation on their desk in the past are taking a MacBook – not only to be able to continue working with it on the go, but also because you can use it with an additional display , possibly an external keyboard and mouse as well as a docking station can also be integrated wonderfully at the workplace.

On the other hand, Apple has recently been trying harder to sell desktop Macs. The company is working on a new Mac Pro and continues to offer the Mac mini as by far the cheapest computer. Therefore, in this post, we will cover all types of Macs running the current version macOS Ventura. Older computers than these can still be used (see How well old MacBooks can be used with outdated macOS), but should no longer be purchased, especially since they are no longer supplied with all security updates.

Before you buy, you should think about what you want to do with the Mac. If the Mac always stays in the same place, a desktop will do it without having to pay for the battery. If you need the computer on the go, on the train, in a lecture hall or alternately in the office and the home office, then it should be a MacBook that you can use like a desktop with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. If you close the case, the display is spared, but then, for example, the power button with the “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor is no longer accessible to authorize purchases or passwords. The external Magic Keyboard from Apple with Touch ID can help.

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