Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker in the test: Sonos clone for less than 30 euros

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker with the official type designation L09G looks high quality and is visually reminiscent of the Sonos One (test report) or the Sonos One SL (test report) with its silver loudspeaker grille and cylindrical shape. In terms of functionality, it is in direct competition with the Google Nest Mini, which is even cheaper at around 22 euros, but offers less sound volume due to its small size and is more reminiscent of the Amazon Echo Dot (test report). The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker can be compared even more with the Google Nest Audio or the Alexa counterpart Amazon Echo (test report). However, the Nest Audio and the Amazon Echo cost a good twice as much as the Mi Smart Speaker.

The Xiaomi Mi Speaker is a Google compatible smart speaker with Google Assistant. It is supplied with 12 V/1.5 A from the supplied plug-in power supply. More haptic connections like analogue in or wired ethernet one searches in vain.

The speaker measures approximately 13.2 × 10.2 × 15 cm and weighs 880 g. Touch-sensitive buttons are located on the top Music start/stop, microphone off as well as Louder/quieter. Their use works perfectly and is much more convenient than with the Google Nest Mini.

The two microphones are also on the top, but they no longer understand our voice commands without problems from a distance. From a closer distance, they work perfectly. At the upper edge there is also an LED strip that runs completely around the edge, which, among other things, signals when the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is listening.

The speaker setup does not work via Xiaomi Home, but via the Google Home app. Immediately after connecting the Xiaomi speaker to the power supply, a message appears in the app that a new speaker has been recognized and is ready for installation. The supplied minimalist instructions are not necessary for this. This then secures multi-room group operation. The 5 GHz WLAN can also be used.

Bluetooth is available, but there is no extra button on the device for pairing or activation. In fact, the Google Home app activates the pairing mode. Playing music via WLAN is possible, for example, via Internet radio (Tunein) or via streaming, for example with Spotify. In the app there is a simple equalizer for treble and bass. In addition, the user can assign a room to the speaker there and thus couple it with other compatible speakers. You can also connect it to other Google Home-compatible devices such as lamps and televisions.

A miracle of sound is not expected at first for the price. With music, the bass is a bit weak, even with the equalizer set to full in the Google Home app. The highs are okay, but if bass is important to you, you should choose another smart speaker that may be more expensive, such as the Sonos One SL (test report). At least there is no risk of booming when placing the speaker in corners. The speaker doesn’t sound tinny, and nothing rattles either. However, the mids lack details.

The sound quality via Bluetooth from the smartphone for local files, from Spotify and from Quboz increases in this order: The highs in the Al Stewarts intro On the border are recognizable in all three ways, with Qobuz the optimal quality is achieved. With Spotify via Bluetooth, on the other hand, the sound is uncomfortably sharp. With voice assistance as a direct stream from Spotify without a smartphone and Bluetooth, the quality is audibly better.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker has regularly cost less than 40 euros in recent months. Now its price has fallen below 30 euros for the first time.

For only 30 euros you can’t really go wrong with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker. There is hardly any other smart speaker in this price category with a better sound and a wider range of functions. The optics are also pleasing. Operation via the touch buttons works without problems. The microphones are good, but have their problems at longer distances. However, anyone who chooses the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker must be aware that it only works with Google Home.

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